130 Environmental Park

A new state-of-the-art Municipal Solid Waste landfill to the Central Texas region for the first time in approximately 30 years.


With the opening of 130 Environmental Park (130EP), Central Texas now has the newest, highly engineered, environmentally friendly landfill in the state — the area’s first in approximately 30 years. Just north of Lockhart, Texas, this municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill marks the first phase in a business strategy focused on environmental stewardship in this mixed-use development.



More than just a landfill, 130EP opened in 2021, will ultimately include facilities for education, civic and community use, a recycling center, and an industrial park.

The entire environmental park includes more than 1,200 acres with the landfill occupying about 500 acres. Over 200 acres are available at any time for acceptance of deliveries waste. Waste is covered completely every day (reducing odor and protecting public health) and sewage sludge, the main cause of odors at some landfills, will not be accepted.

Two stormwater retention ponds in the park are designed to handle back-to-back, 100-year storm events – far exceeding the standard requirement.


New Approaches. More Protection.

Using the latest in civil and chemical engineering technology, this landfill features multiple layers of groundwater protection including a compacted clay liner, a 60 mil high-density polyethylene (HDPE) liner, a comprehensive groundwater monitoring system, and an extensive drainage system to remove rainwater and liquids from the landfill 24 hours a day.

This means that by design, liquid will not sit on the landfill’s liner. Instead, rainwater and other liquids that come in contact with waste (known as leachate) will be routed to sumps for removal. This closed engineering system prevents run-off into streams or creeks. Collected leachate is then transported off-site for treatment at a state-approved facility.


Real Value. Real Revenue.

130EP brings economic development to Caldwell County with good paying jobs and new business opportunities for local contractors and service providers.

Additionally, property taxes paid by 130EP will increase funding for local services such as public safety, schools, libraries, recreation centers, and infrastructure improvements.

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"A great project we're proud to build in Texas."

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Located just east of Texas State Highway 130 and north of FM 1185, 130 Environmental Park’s entrance is identified by U.S. and Texas flags flying at a stacked stone entrance.